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2014-08-13 10:29:18 by Upsetspy

To those who follow and those who check out my profile, I just want to say thanks!


So far feedback has been posotive and I'm very glad that you guys like my work, it's an amazing feeling and I hope to be able to supply you with more and more.


Also, I'm taking suggestions now for what songs I should do.


You pick a game or a song from a game and I'll see what I can do and eventually I'll release it!


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2014-08-13 13:17:59

How about....
Saria's song ( Lost Woods ) from OOT?

Upsetspy responds:

Was already on my list of songs to do.

Only reason I haven't done it yet is because I was avoiding the more popular songs that generally already have a lot of remakes. Definitely a good song to do.