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I'm back from the dead! (sorta)

2014-07-16 23:28:28 by Upsetspy

For those of you who actually are a fan of my work and keep up with it, thanks! And to those of you who like it and decided to check out my profile, thanks!


Anyway, I'm back! Kinda...


I have just posted a new work that I got done rather quickly as a bit of an "I'm sorry". (here's a link:


While this seems like good news, it is the summer and I I'm letting my pale white skin be exposed to the horrors that is the sun. None the less, I do have a bigger project in the works, but with my "busy" schedule it may take some time for it to become completed.


Thanks for the patience, and the positive feedback/support that I've gotten.


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2014-07-19 21:18:21

Keep up the good work dude! Looking forward to your future projects :]

Upsetspy responds:

Thanks, glad you like my works!