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I have returned.

2015-01-10 04:52:30 by Upsetspy

I am now back in action, just posted something too!


2014-10-13 17:58:55 by Upsetspy

So, I have bad news, I wont be able to post for quite awhile as you can already tell. School has made me quite the busy person, and I had also recently replaced the hard-drive in my PC so I lost my installation of the program I used to make my pieces and I've been too lazy to reinstall it and all the plugins I had.



I will continue, just not any time soon.


Sorry about this, and thanks for being a fan!


2014-09-10 11:11:43 by Upsetspy

Before I go on, I'd just like to thank those of you who have become fans and wanted to keep up with my work.


However, I am dissapointed to say that due to school starting back up, I a much busier than normal. So releases and me getting a chance to work on anything big will be much more short lived. 


However, I'd still love to release small projects since they can be done rather easily. So if you have any recommendations on smaller songs from some games I'd be more than happy to consider it. 


2014-08-13 10:29:18 by Upsetspy

To those who follow and those who check out my profile, I just want to say thanks!


So far feedback has been posotive and I'm very glad that you guys like my work, it's an amazing feeling and I hope to be able to supply you with more and more.


Also, I'm taking suggestions now for what songs I should do.


You pick a game or a song from a game and I'll see what I can do and eventually I'll release it!

I'm back from the dead! (sorta)

2014-07-16 23:28:28 by Upsetspy

For those of you who actually are a fan of my work and keep up with it, thanks! And to those of you who like it and decided to check out my profile, thanks!


Anyway, I'm back! Kinda...


I have just posted a new work that I got done rather quickly as a bit of an "I'm sorry". (here's a link:


While this seems like good news, it is the summer and I I'm letting my pale white skin be exposed to the horrors that is the sun. None the less, I do have a bigger project in the works, but with my "busy" schedule it may take some time for it to become completed.


Thanks for the patience, and the positive feedback/support that I've gotten.

Status on new music!

2014-06-11 14:45:21 by Upsetspy

To anyone who actually keeps up with anything I post, and anyone who comes to my profile, welcome. 


I just wanted to let everyone know, I have not started any new projects and I'm not sure when I will be moving forward again. Life is being busy, so I must take it upon myself to focus on that over something I enjoy doing...(haha).


Anyway, be pateint and eventually more will come.